Shrine to the Fallen

I cannot talk about the new movie without mentioning the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Despite the fact that it was all I hear about the next day, I still do not know much about the situation. I heard about the number of casualties and their ages. I heard about the victim who had just barely escaped from another public shooting. I heard about the shooter’s apartment being booby-trapped. I heard conflicting stories about the attack itself and the motivation behind it. In the end, these are just details that do not change the fact that this was a huge tragedy. No matter the numbers, no matter the victim’s circumstances, no matter the killer’s motivations, the fact that someone made the decision to act this way means something has gone excruciatingly wrong.

What exactly that “something” was, we may never know. And that is scary. Like Carmine Falcone said, “You always fear what you don’t understand.” So we all turn to the comfort of the familiar. Both sides of the gun control debate will step up their rhetoric. For me, I turn back to my nerd-dom. In particular, the Batman comics. You can point to an event like this and take the view of Ra’s Al Ghul – humanity is flawed and a blight upon the world to be controlled or removed. Or you can take the view of Batman – that Gotham (and humanity) can still be saved.

I tend to agree with Dennis Calero.


2 thoughts on “Shrine to the Fallen

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