The Long Halloween

Although I have always wanted to be Batman, I have never dressed up as Batman for Halloween. As a kid, I always hated those cheap costumes that were nothing more than a garbage bag run through an inkjet. Plus my dad was pretty creative, so my costumes were usually home-made. As I got older, I chose not to be Batman for Halloween just  because I did not want to do it unless I could do it right. (No offense to this guy – that takes balls. Doubly so for swapping out the utility belt for a purse.)

I recently went to a Batman party kinda-sorta dressed as Batman – I had black dress pants, black dress shirt, gold bow-tie, and a Batman mask. I would like to think I was a Gotham City Impostor and not just a poor showing for the real Batman. Here I am with some other folks at the party:

But that is about as far as I am willing to take things until I shape up. I was hoping things would work out this year, but I do not think I will be ready in time.

Oh, and I was actually really excited about going to this party because they advertised that there would be a Batwoman there. I even joked with some folks to remind me to bring a ring so I could propose to her. Sadly, Batman and Batwoman left the party early, so I never got a chance to take a picture with them, let alone propose.

Maybe this Halloween, I will try Bane. Comic-Bane, though, not movie-Bane. Technically, both break another Halloween costume rule I have held onto since college: costumes cannot impede hand or mouth functionality, because if I am costumed, I need to be inebriated. However, the comic-Bane mask can be partially worn, but the movie-Bane mask would need to be removed every time I wanted to drink, unless I put a hole into it. Also, I would not want to deal with the tan line.


6 thoughts on “The Long Halloween

  1. If it was current Batwoman, you’d get shot down anyway. 😀
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you’re not going to do Batman for Halloween, do Bane!! I’m going to be Arkham City Harley Quinn and we can be awesome rivals. I’m absolutely willing to help you make the costume too. (I don’t have a sewing machine but I hand-sewed the Game of Thrones costumes last year so I can hand sew some of your costume.)

  2. I do not know how much research this Batwoman did on the character. 🙂

    If I do decide to be Bane, I will let you know. It should be simple, other than the mask, which I will either order (if I feel fancy) or ghetto-rig with some painted pantyhose (if I would rather spend my Halloween money on other things like cover or booze).

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