Housekeeping (July 2012)

On my previous blog, I would occasionally take some time to talk about some technical, behind-the-scenes stuff going on with the blog. Sometimes it was about new updates or plug-ins/features I was adding or removing. Sometimes it was about my site statistics. I feel I should carry on the tradition here.

Site Changes:

  • I started the blog on 21 July 2012. I wanted a place to capture my training, and I really wanted to talk about Batman in general after watching The Dark Knight Rises.
  • I changed the theme several times. I am not sure how many of those changes actually got pushed through to the live site, and how many were rejected while in “Preview” phase. However, I like the versatility of the site’s current theme, 2011, and plan to keep it for a while, although I might tweak some details as I go.

Site Statistics:

  • I have published 14 posts this month.
  • In response, I got three comments, and I replied to all three.
  • Two people have “Liked” a post and three people have started following this blog.
  • The most popular post is Determinator.
  • The blog has had about 251 views.
  • The large majority of those views come my friends responding to my Facebook spam.
  • Others have found me through Google while searching for:
    • “tom hardy bane workout”
    • “batman chalk marks”
    • “dark knight rises catwoman stills”
    • “the dark knight saga”
    • “james holmes the fake”
    • “batmantobe”
    • “batman i chose this life”

Some random thoughts about the above:

  • 14 posts over just over a week is pretty high for me. Expect to see that rate drop off.
  • I love comments. Please let me know what you think about what I think.
  • I was pretty nervous about putting my own pictures up, so I am not sure how to take the fact that Determinator is my best post. Thanks?
  • Also, if you did not want to see the before and after pictures of me, I am so sorry that WordPress chose one to be the image attached to my Facebook post. I have no control over that, and am actually quite confused about how WordPress chooses. I will try to be more careful in future posts.
  • To those of you searching for “tom hardy bane workout,” I apologize about not having his workout plan on my blog. Although, I am not sure how you even found me with that search query, because I ran through the first 50 pages of Google results and did not find myself. I have only mentioned Tom Hardy once on my site, and it was the file name of a picture of him that I used in my Long Halloween post.
  • Also, if you are looking for the workout plan Tom Hardy used to become Bane, you are doing yourself a disservice. Everyone is an experiment of one, meaning what worked for him may not work for you. I recommend that you instead research the most successful/proven bodybuilding or strength training programs, see what fits your goals, and follow that instead.
  • To those of you searching for “catwoman stills,” I may include some at some point, but I doubt I would actually label them as such. Again, sorry to disappoint.
  • To those of you searching for “james holmes the fake,” whether you think that James Holmes is faking his insanity or that the person the police captured was a patsy, I do not plan to write more on this issue, because either way, this was a twisted individual trying to capitalize on a high-profile event. Paying him more attention is just what he wants, and I do not plan on giving him the satisfaction.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.


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