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When I first made the decision to take my physical fitness more seriously, I needed something to make sure that I would stay motivated. My past attempts had never worked out for the long term, and I wanted to make sure I found a sustainable solution.

The answer I found was Fitocracy, a fitness social network and game. You log your real-life workouts, and get “points” in the game, similar to experience points in an RPG. You can earn bonus points for completing quests, and earn badges for extraordinary achievements. You also meet a lot of fitness-minded folks and get exposed to inspiring stories, proven plans, and fitness humor.

The gaming aspect is quite geek-centric. Fitocracy has been featured on XKCD and Penny Arcade! And if that’s not enough for you, there is a cute mascot:

It was through Fitocracy that I discovered my current workout and diet plans.

When I first joined, I proselytized quite strongly for my friends to join. As I have progressed, I have had less time to just explore the site like I used to. I still use it for day-to-day tracking, but have pulled back from the social side. Either way, my motivation is still going strong, and I do not see myself stopping any time soon.


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