Point A to Point B

I have been unhappy with my slow progress, and I think a lot of it has to do with the exceptions I give myself instead of sticking to my diet more stringently. Well, they say that the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B is a straight line. They also say that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. So from now on, I have decided that I will give up booze until I can see abs. (Go from abs to booze. Because I doubt I will ever get from booze to abs.)

A strange thing I have noticed with some of the diet plans I have researched is that almost all of them say, “Don’t drink any calories.” And then several of them go on say that drinking alcohol is OK. I assume that the creators of these plans do not want to scare away any potential dieters by saying that alcohol is not allowed, so they bank on their plan being able to account for an occasional night of debauchery. This website exists purely to tell people how to get drunk on the fewest calories possible. My problem is that the more I drink, the more I drink. And when my body has finally had enough too much, I try to fix things by having way too much food to soak it up.

Batman does not drink, because it reduces his willpower, which is basically his only superpower. (I hear Bruce Wayne’s favorite drink is a whiskey ginger, without the whiskey.) So I am going to take a page from his book, at least until I can pull this off:

Next time you see me at a social gathering, please:

  1. Check if my drink is a diet virgin Cuba Libre.
  2. Even if I say it is, please check that no one slipped me a Mickey.
  3. If you do discover alcohol, please check for abs.

Your help in enforcing my policy is greatly appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Point A to Point B

  1. If you wanna diet, you shouldn’t drink any calories at all… ever. Sugar/flavored drinks are never a necessity, they’re only used to satisfy a sweet tooth. So if I see you at a social gathering, it better be fancy bottled water in your hand, at best. I’ve seen people lose weight just by cutting out soda only, with no other dieting or exercising involved.

    From my experience, I’ve noticed that dieting is basically the ONLY way to lose weight. When I work out 5 days a week, 2.5 hrs every workout including 30 min cardio at the end of each workout, I stay around the same weight. When I went on an extreme diet last year for 90 days, I lost 30 pounds.

    • Thanks for the input, James. I have actually cut soda for a while now. These days, the only caloric drink I have on a regular basis is a protein shake. My problem is at social gatherings where it does not take much arm-twisting to get a beer or shot in my hand.

      • Haha, well maybe its time to say I’m done with drinking. Permanently. Nothing good comes from drinking and it does no good to you. If it makes you feel good it becomes hard to recognize that. But then that is how any addiction goes, you say you recognize the negatives, but so far the negatives are not great enough to overcome that desire for temporary good feelings.

        I think the way you have to approach it is all or nothing. For me, I call my goal, or state of mind, beast mode. For you maybe Batman, same difference really. If you really want to be determinator, all or nothing.

        • It may come to that. I do not like to say that I will give up anything forever, but we will see how I feel when I get to my temporary goal.

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