Be Prepared

“Be Prepared” is the motto of the Worldwide Scout Movement. When asked what to be  prepared for, the founder, Robert Baden-Powell, answered, “For any old thing.”

People often think that I was a Boy Scout because of my ready-for-anything over-packing mentality, but I am sad to say that I was not. Everything Scout-ish I know, I picked up randomly in the course of my life, like a useless Slumdog Millionaire.

I have never seen anything that points to Bruce Wayne being a Boy Scout, and Batman often calls Superman a “Boy Scout” condescendingly, so I doubt it. But it would make sense if he was, because he really took that idea and ran with it. It has become a bit of a joke about just how prepared he is for any event possible:

He has gear for any possible situation in his utility belt, including kryptonite just in case Superman turns evil. He trained his body and mind to be able to handle any challenge, including trigger words to wipe his secret identity and “reboot” it. He devised plans to counter any possible evil plan a super-villain might come up with, or for any of his friends turning evil. Then he has contingency plans in case those plans ever get stolen. It has been said that only Batman could pull a lightsaber out of his belt and not have anyone question it.

I wonder if  Bruce Wayne sponsors any Scout-like organization in Gotham. Just think of all the good a group of mini-Robins could do! And if he does, I wonder who would run it. Obviously Bruce Wayne should not run it directly. I hope there is someone like Ron Swanson in Gotham.


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