Peak Human Condition

Batman is often described as in peak human condition or as an Olympic-level athlete, but I do not think I have ever heard the Olympics mentioned in Gotham. Perhaps the IOC is wary of Gotham’s crime problem? Or maybe they are snubbing it the way New York City always gets screwed?

The Olympics (technically the “World Games”) are mentioned in the Batman spin-off Young Justice when Arrowette joins the U.S. archery team and ends up winning gold in her civilian identity. The idea of Olympics in the DC Universe seems interesting to me. How are super-powered beings judged? I would not want to be the timer for a race between Superman and Flash, let alone competing against them.

Does the origin of your powers matter? Does it make a difference if I am “faster, higher, or stronger” through birth, experimentation, training, magic, or technology? Can aliens play for their adopted countries? Compared to most people in the DC universe, real-life Olympians seem mediocre at best.

This year, there has been a lot in the news about how much Olympians make (or do not make) during the Olympics. Which gives rise to the old question, why don’t villains use their powers to make an honest living? I am sure someone like Bane could easily take gold in wrestling, even without the benefit of Venom. That is a $275,000 bonus for a two-week vacation, assuming he competes for America instead of Santa Prisca.


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