Screw Destiny

I just tried CollegeHumor’s “What Kind of Superhero Are You? Choose Your Origin Story Adventure.”

The potential results include:

  • “Animal Specific Mutation” (Ninja Turtle)
  • “Born With Powers” (Superman)
  • “Cool Mutation” (X-Man)
  • “Costumed Vigilante” (Batman)
  • “Dickish Businessman Villain” (Kingpin)
  • “Evil Lackey” (Mook)
  • “Horribly Deformed Villain” (Cobra Commander)
  • “Gifted Powers By An Alien” (Green Lantern)
  • “Sidekick” (Robin)

And after answering five questions, I got:

  • “Nothing Happens”

“Sorry, you don’t get amazing powers. In fact, the closest you’ll ever get to being a hero is getting rescued by one…hopefully.”

So reassuring. But that is OK, I will just have to work harder to prove them wrong. I will save myself!


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