Not So Secret Identity

Similar to how Bruce Wayne acts like a rich idiot with no day job in an attempt to keep people from figuring out that he is Batman, I tend to keep my life compartmentalized.

Usually, when people ask me how work, school, or life is, I do not answer with more than “it’s fine” or “it sucks,” depending on my mood and possibly what I think they expect the answer to be. (Someone who is involved in that part of my life and asked a more specific question will get a better answer, though.) Part of the reason for this is that when I am not actually engaged in work, school, or whatever is being asked about, I would prefer not to think about it. Let me Zen it up and be in the moment, please.

I also tend to keep my circles of friends separate. For instance, when I am invited to an event, I generally do not invite other people to come with me, but might only if I know the host knows the people I am bringing with me. On the flip side, I usually do not attend events unless I am invited directly by the host.

Together, these mindsets mean I am terrible at networking and giving elevator pitches, which makes it harder for me to find a job. The more I think about it, the more I realize that setting up a decent secret identity that can financially and socially support two lives is quite difficult. If only I could be a rich idiot like Bruce Wayne.


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