Ninjas on Motorcycles

Another item on the Emergency list that I have crossed off is getting a motorcycle license.

I actually started this item a while back, before I read the book. Back in college, everyone in a certain group of my friends were picking up motorcycles. I was not particularly interested in riding at the time, but I was between cars and figured a bike would be a cheap (and fun) solution to my transportation woes.

I signed up for a MSF class in Sacramento and had a lot of trouble on the first day of class. The learning curve seemed pretty high for all the students, but it was even tougher for me because I did not have experience with stick-shift driving at the time. In the week leading up to my second class, I purchased a cheap used Kawasaki Ninja 250 and rode it around Davis for practice. I was feeling a little more confident, but I dropped the bike during my second class and failed out of the class. They told me I could come back within six months for a free retake, though.

I tried to practice some more on the Ninja, but got even more frustrated when I froze up during a routine practice and crashed onto the neighbor’s lawn. I took a break, which lasted longer than expected because of a relocation to Minnesota. The six months flew by while I was out of town, and I lost my chance to retake the class. When I finally came back to California, I got another car, and my friends had stopped riding, so my bike was put on the back burner.

In March of this year, Chris wanted to get his M1 license for his birthday and invited several of us to join him for class. Now that I am I comfortable driving stick, class was a lot easier for me, and I passed with no problems. Well, actually, one problem – I am really terrible at low-speed turns, especially the figure-eight turn within the box. I both went out of the box and put my foot down during the test, but other than that, I aced it. I am surprisingly comfortable with high-speed turns – in fact, I scraped a peg during a turn and gave my instructors a heart attack.

Now I found out that my first group has started riding again and I could join them, but it would require fixing the Ninja back up. Or building myself a Bat-Pod.

And it would not hurt if I got myself a Batman helmet.


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