Coffee Break

Much like Batman, I do not use much in the way of workout supplements. He had a bad experience with Venom, and I am too broke for the fancy stuff. I have been drinking more coffee lately, though. It helps get me going since I work out in the morning before class or work. Plus it is a way to have some more flavor in my life, since I try not to drink calories and there is only so much water a person can drink.

However, I have been getting more and more concerned about my caffeine intake lately. I have noticed that on mornings when I drink coffee before my workout, I occasionally get facial spasms when I lift heavy. Even scarier, the last two times I worked out, I got excruciating headaches while lifting.

When I looked up potential causes online, I found out that some factors for exertion headaches as a primary headache could include dehydration, caffeine, alcohol, missing nutrients, supplements, sodium, lack of sleep, overtraining, poor form, and Valsalva maneuver. It could also be a secondary headache due to an underlying condition such as brain hemorrhage, blood vessel abnormality, spinal obstruction, sinus infection, or tumor.

I highly doubt it is a secondary headache, since it would have showed up sooner than now. Need to scale back on potential primary factors, and first up is to pull back on the Bat-spressos.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Break

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