Goddamn Batmobile

Batman has had a lot of cars over the years, and so have I. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources of Wayne Tech or the skills of Harold Allnut, so I make do. All of my cars have been second-hand, but they have served me well.

Most recently, my sister needed a car of her own when she went to college, so my previous car, a Honda Civic, was passed to her, and I bought a Subaru Impreza off a friend. Technically, it is a Franken-car from mostly two different Imprezas with parts from a few more. Here are before, during, and after pictures while we were fixing the car up.

It still has some eccentricities, but it definitely gets from me from point A to point B, and I cannot ask for much more than that. Oh, and my friend had named it “Barney Bean” while he was working on it because he names all his cars “bean” and it started off purple. I did not really keep the name, but I have not come up with a new name yet. Any suggestions?

The Impreza is my first stick-shift car. I suppose I have known in theory how to drive stick-shift since high school, but I have not had much chance to practice. Before me, only my dad could drive stick in the family. We got a stick-shift early 1980s Toyota Corolla, and I drove it maybe two or three times in the two weeks my family had it before someone crashed into it. The clutch was like a leg press and the throw was like rowing a boat; my friends commented on my aggressive shifts when I practiced driving in one of their cars. For all intents and purposes, I was starting from scratch with the Impreza, and I was doing it in San Francisco. There were a couple of literal do-or-die moments, but I can definitely say that I am proficient now and it was probably the difference between passing and failing my M1 test.

After I fix the actual mechanical issues, I am thinking about switching the Impreza logo in the grill for a Batman emblem. Priorities, though!


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