Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Sorry about my weekend hiatus, readers. Lots of travelling means not a lot of time for writing.

I have also been losing a lot of time to sleep, or catching up on sleep. I wonder how Batman does it. Some authors put forth that he takes micro-sleeps.

I wonder if that is true. It would make sense that Batman would use the Uberman Sleep Schedule, but it is hard to see Bruce Wayne getting away with it. Then again, he does pretend to be a rich lazy bastard, maybe he could pull it off, socially speaking.

It is getting harder and harder for me to juggle work, school, gym, and social activities, so maybe I should look into some sort of polyphasic sleep, too. The only problem is that I do not have a vacation any time soon to program myself. Well, that and the fact that some research shows that humans are naturally biphasic, so polyphasic sleep would not benefit me as much as I would like. I guess for now, I will have to use a “nappy times” sign like a normal person.


One thought on “Miles to Go Before I Sleep

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