Fifty Shades of Black

A while back, I saw this picture online. It is supposedly a female Batfan’s explanation for why Batman is the perfect man. A male Batfan quickly “fixed” the diagram like so:

Putting aside the issue of “nice guy entitlement” that this argument raises, I am going to declare, for the purposes of this post, that the second diagram is correct.

In case you have not heard, Fifty Shades of Grey is kind of a big deal right now with the ladies. Or at least, a big guilty pleasure – the other day, I was at the book department at Target and this woman kept picking up the trilogy boxed set and putting it into her basket, then back on the shelf. She must have been staring at the thing and moving it back and forth between the shelf and her basket for a good fifteen minutes before she finally walked off with it. I have not read it, but I have picked up the gist through the pop culture digestive process, and Wikipedia filled in some blanks.

I am not sure if I am happy about this, but I have noticed that Christian Grey and Batman are eerily similar. They are both handsome young men; they are both quite rich; and they are both incredibly smart. That makes them both perfect! Oh, and they happen to enjoy BDSM.

So I guess when E.L. James’s editor told her to change it away from a Twilight fan-fic, she turned to a Batman fan-fic instead?


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