Dressed in Layers

This is somewhat related to my previous post. I have been told by female acquaintances that men:suits::women:lingerie. Would you say that this is accurate? If this is so, would you say that Bruce Wayne is more attractive in a formal suit or in a Batsuit?

I ask because I learned in psychology class that clothes can effect attitude. That is the whole basis for school uniforms. You often see superheroes wearing their costumes under their street clothes to do convenient quick changes. Superman is notorious for doing this, but other superheroes do it, too.

This is not too often the case for Batman, though. In earlier iterations, you would see Alfred handing him a special briefcase with his suit inside. In the newer comics, Bruce has had surprise sex, so having the costume underneath would probably have raised an eyebrow. But I suppose it does not matter too much when you basically own the whole town and have Batsuits in secret supply caches everywhere.

But getting back to my original train of thought… do superheroes feel and therefore act more heroic and/or more badass because they are secretly wearing their costume at all times or is it purely a matter of practicality? The real question I am asking is whether I should invest in a secret costume to wear under my street clothes.


6 thoughts on “Dressed in Layers

  1. Bruce is wearing a tux in your suit image, not a business suit. Notice the shirt.

    More importantly, opera glasses? Brilliant. No one would ever expect Batman to use opera glasses.

    • Thanks Aaron, I was using a tux to match the tuxes in the first picture, but have changed the link description.

      And as the for the glasses, I agree. Bruce Wayne’s momma didn’t raise no fool.

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