Batsuit Sex

I was speaking with Elyson today about my post from yesterday. He pointed out that at least for some superheroes, the suit definitely gives a psychological edge. Consider Dave Lizewski of Kick-Ass, who goes from wallflower to inspirational “real-life” superhero with his costume. Or Dan Dreiburg of Watchmen, who experiences impotence in his secret identity but not while dressed as Nite Owl (the Batman of the Watchmen universe).

This reminded me of a story that came out shortly after Batman Begins was released about how Mr. Bale wanted an in-Batsuit sex scene in the sequel. It did not happen in The Dark Knight, but he almost got his wish with Talia in The Dark Knight Rises, and it could be argued that he got it off-camera with Catwoman. Makes you wonder about the condition of the stuff he passed on to Blake, huh?

Going back to my original question, perhaps investing in a costume would be good for me. Get me in an ass-kicking mindset and all that.


3 thoughts on “Batsuit Sex

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