Stamp Collector

I’m about to go play the Real Escape Game v.3 tomorrow, so I thought I would do a quick recap of the other games I have played since that last post.

A few weekends ago, some friends and I met up to start the Stamps from Elsewhere missions. We started with Mission One, “Becoming a Member of the EPS,” near the Ferry Building. It led us to the indoor waterfall by Yank Sing, which I had not seen before. We also stopped for some of the sesame balls. The final location was locked up because we were doing the mission on a Sunday, but luckily we had enough information to complete the mission anyway. We got the stamps, and I sent in my membership application a little while ago. Supposedly I will receive a passport to collect stamps, but I have not gotten it yet.

The art style and certain keywords used in the clues and communiques lead me to believe that this game was set up by the same group that created the Games of Nonchalance.

After that, we skipped Mission Two, which is in Potrero Hill, and Mission Three, which requires meeting up with a team of six assigned by Kaidan Tansu, a ranking member of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society. Instead, we went straight to Mission Four, “The Peculiar Scholarship of Dr. Bedcannon,” which is located at the SF MOMA. We received a secret instruction pamphlet and found hidden messages within the gallery’s art exhibits. At the end, we received some stamps to put into our passports, so I am hanging onto mine until I receive it.

Much like the Games of Nonchalance, I think the thing I appreciate most about the Stamps from Elsewhere games is that it is a MacGuffin to explore the city. I doubt I would have ever come across the dolphin monolith or the California history mural at the Rincon Center without playing the game. Even better, without the game, I would not have actually went through the SF MOMA, even though it will be closing down next year for three whole years while they complete renovations.

I also signed up for Mission Three when I got home and got assigned to a team a few days later. Looking forward to getting some more stamps with them!


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