Super Power Beat Down

So apparently there is a web series which pits super powered beings against each other. For their third episode, they had Batman vs. Wolverine.

The hosts’ arguments come down to Wolverine having several lifetimes of fighting experience, his adamantium skeleton and claws, and his healing factor while Batman has the brains to exploit Wolverine’s weaknesses.

As you can guess, I am a bit biased on how I think a fight between the two would end up, but here is how it played out according to the wisdom of internet voting:

While I disagree with the whole scenario and obviously the outcome, I have to say the video itself is well done. Good costumes, fight sequence, and effects.

If I had written the fight, I would have had Batman use more than batarangs and a smoke bomb, but again, you cannot argue with the wisdom of the internet.


One thought on “Super Power Beat Down

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