Flame Sax

We all know Batman can shred like no other on the guitar, but how is his flame sax? Have you seen the new Old Spice commercial that everyone was talking about yesterday?


My sister suggested that I add “muscle music” to my goals list. I am interested, but probably not in the way you would think. Obviously, I would like to have a physique like Terry Crews, but what really interested me was his control over individual muscles.

I played with the idea of adding the “muscle music” set-up to my list, specifically recreating the instruments/controls and training myself to have the control that Mr. Crews does. Then I saw this article in Make Magazine’s blog about it, and one of the comments points out that it is improbable that Mr. Crews could have controlled individual abdominal muscles for the keyboard solo, and it is more likely that the music is controlled by a computer that simultaneously sends an electric current to Mr. Crews’s muscles, forcing them to flex.

I would love for that theory to be proven wrong, though. In the meantime, I must get back to building up those muscles to the point where they are even visible on me. Play me out, Batman!


3 thoughts on “Flame Sax

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