Lightning Bruiser

Bat Man of Shanghai is amazing! I hope Cartoon Network picks it up and fleshes the idea out into a full series.

The fighting style is great and obviously reminds me of Bruce Lee with the quick, efficient strikes and especially the nunchucks. That the nunchucks are glowing like Tron weapons and that Batman’s eyes look like he borrowed Cyclops’s visor are both oddities, but I am open to in-universe explanations.

The animation style and the setting remind me of Avatar.

Early 20th century China is a setting that is not very well explored but has a lot of potential, considering the political upheaval and the conflict of tradition/magic against progress/technology. A large part of why I find the Legend of Korra so engrossing is that they play on the growing effect of technology on the elemental world of Avatar. Without Sato’s inventions, nonbenders would never have dared to rise up against the bending elite.

Like I have said before, a big reason I like Batman so much is because his story is so iconic, it works in practically any setting. Even the non-canonical Elseworlds stories of Batman work really well, and this one is no exception.


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