Housekeeping (August 2012)

I meant to save this post until tomorrow, but I will be going on a trip out of town, and I do not know if I will have the time to write it. Here is what has changed around these parts since my last housekeeping post.

Site Changes:

  • I added the Events links on the sidebar to highlight upcoming events I will be attending that relate to my goals.
  • I briefly changed the theme to 2012, but changed back because I could not customize the layout to my satisfaction.

Site Statistics:

  • I have published 43 posts this month. (+207%)
  • In response, I got eight comments, and I replied to all eight. (+167%)
  • 13 people are now following this blog. (+333%)
  • Goddamn Batmobile and Oppa Gotham Style are tied for most popular post with 38 views each. (-7%)
  • The blog has had about 944251 views. (+276%)
  • The large majority of those views is still my friends responding to my Facebook spam.
  • Others have found me through Google while searching for:
    • “superman vs flash race” / “the flash vs superman” / “superman vs flash” / “superman flash” / “flash superman race” / “superman the flash”
      • It makes me sad that Superman and Flash are the top search results for a Batman-centric blog.
    • “iron bat toy”
      • I do not believe this is a real toy.
    • “oppan batman style tumblr” / “oppa gotham style” / “oppa gangnam style batman” / “oppa batman” / “oppa batman style” / “oppa gatman style”
    • “bat signal call me maybe” / “lyrics to no batstache”
    • “helena wayne” / “helena e bruce wayne”
    • “bruce wayne fan art”
    • “smart guy nice guy rich guy batman” / “men batman diagram”
    • “old school batmobile”
    • “peak human condition” / “batman peak condition” / “how to reach peak human condition” / “peakhuman condition”
    • “batman diet” / “batman workout” / “batman training regimen”
    • “well lines abs” / “bruce wayne’s abs” / “abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym”
    • “knight shining armour mesh suit” / “knight in armor with scales of justice”
    • “batman robot double” / “batman macbook case” / “mysiliconsoul”
    • “horrifying olympic picture”
    • “cool mutation”
    • “does not like shoes” / “green lantern feet” / “batman toe design”
    • “bruce wayne and selina kyle comics”
    • “batman singing”
    • “oryginal batman dress”
    • “christian bale vegetarian” / “vegetarian batcow”
    • “carlino mare cane” / “cane brutto”
    • “batman the dark knight armor”
    • “turn motorcycle helmet into batman helmet” / “batman helmet”
    • “joke pug” / “bat dog” / “batdog batmanom”
    • “batman bat family”
    • “bruce wayne”
    • “real escape game evangelion” / “escape from an angel”
    • “superman alex ross” / “alex ross superman”
    • “scavanger hunt batman clues or riddles” / “riddles and puzzles”
    • “superman vs magic”
    • “homemade bane mask”
    • “funny pics” / “funny pics photos”
    • “lifting heavy overtraining” / “fighter body 165 lb”
      • This is pretty specific. I am not qualified to write on these topics.
    • “ingrown eyelash” / “prk eye surgery”
    • “you batman”
    • “batmantobe.wordpress”
      • If you know this much, why do you need to Google the rest?
    • “batman catwoman bdsm” / “batman sex” / “batman sex scene”
    • “the picture of the mafia” / “knightfall – logo” / “dancing batman gif”
    • “ninja batman”
    • “batman mental training”
    • “batman capes”
    • “james holmes fake”
    • “cookie monster batman”
    • “not so secret identity”
    • “is robin the new batman in the dark knight saga”
    • “miles to go before sleep tumblr”
    • “bat mam”
    • “batman costume gear”
    • “batman herodotus gallery”
    • “the dark knight saga club”

Some other random thoughts:

  • I was right about not maintaining the two posts a day average. I am currently hovering around one-and-a-half, and it will probably even out to a little below one a day before long.
  • I love still comments. Please let me know what you think about what I think. Also, if you are Facebook friends with me, I would appreciate it if you could leave comments about my posts on my blog instead of on Facebook just so I do not get forked conversations.
  • Cashing in on viral videos to bump down my more revealing posts seems to be working out.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.


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