Love Triangle

In the DC Universe, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are known as the “Trinity” because they are great friends and, depending on the continuity, the founders of the Justice League.

Now, DC is making a big deal of the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman just got together in Justice League #12.

They even had a weird cross-promotion with where users were surveyed and the results found that single ladies find Superman is the “most kissable superhero” with 76.2% of the vote. 42.9% of single women also said the ideal super hero kiss location is flying through the air. I guess that is something Clark will always have over Bruce. Best Batman could manage is to open a window on the Bat-plane. Nevertheless, I would like to see the survey form and what other options were given. And also if any of these ladies took part in that survey.

Oh, and by the way, Batman and Wonder Woman already happened.

That has got to make things awkward at the next Justice League meeting.


6 thoughts on “Love Triangle

  1. I think its time to bring Lois Lane & Bruce Wayne back together while Supes is with Wondy. Now wouldnt that be interesting.

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