Beach Training

Often, when heroes travel somewhere, it is for specialized training of some sort – either to visit some faraway master or to take advantage of another environment.

This weekend, I went to Pismo Beach with my friends for Labor Day. Peggy just took lessons on how to be a yoga instructor, so I woke up early this morning to do beachfront yoga at sunrise!

(I am the one in the white shirt.)

It was tough but fun, and Peggy told me I was a yoga superstar!

The odd part is how I am very flexible in some ways but very stiff in others. My hamstrings did not cooperate at all, as you can see in the above picture when I was trying to extend my leg straight up. I also had trouble with my hip flexors and my intercostals on some of the twists. And I noticed that my back extension is much better than my back flexion – upward facing dog is much easier than downward facing dog, and I cannot put my palms on the ground without bending my knees.

Must keep practicing until I can do a perfect Eagle’s Pose. I cannot get my arms or my legs right yet.


4 thoughts on “Beach Training

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