Ace Up The Sleeve

Cards are a pretty popular theme in Batman’s world. Besides the Royal Flush Gang, Joker is based on the titular card, Riddler often uses cards in his clues, and Mad Hatter borrows the Queen of Hearts from Lewis Carroll’s stories.

Over the weekend, I played Cards Against Humanity with some friends. If you have not heard of the game, it plays just like Apples to Apples – there are two custom decks, a smaller black one with categories and a large white one with phrases, and you must play the white card from your hand of seven that you think the judge will find most fitting to his black card. Xuong described it as similar to Mad Libs with preset answers. The only difference is that while Apples to Apples is a very family-friendly game, Cards Against Humanity’s cards are very politically incorrect, which heightens the fun of explaining to the judge why your answer is should be selected as the best choice.

I have played the game once before, but this time, my friends and I played through the entire black deck so I got to see every card in the game. I was quite excited to find that Batman gets mentioned on two separate cards, and he is the only superhero mentioned by name in the game. Once, the black card was “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” which one of my friends won by playing “Being a dick to children.” The other time, I won the card “Why do I hurt all over?” by playing “BATMAN!!!”


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