Flesh and Steel

On Sunday, I woke up earlier than almost everyone else again while we were down in Pismo. Had a second yoga session in the morning with a couple of friends, and we went into some more advanced poses than the ones we covered on the first day, such as the Half-Moon Pose seen above. I have definitely identified more weak points I need to work on, including ankle stability and just being able to maintain isometric holds for longer. This session seemed a lot faster, but that was probably because there was fewer pauses for instruction and more flow than the first day.

After yoga, everyone else woke up and we went ATVing, a Pismo tradition for our group. This was my first time with my M1 license, so I finally got a 400cc ATV. The difference was astounding! It was much faster and had much better acceleration, but the best part was that I never got stuck in the sand like I had previously with a 250cc. The 400’s power and ability to reverse meant I could do a lot more.

Here is a picture of me combining the day’s two activities:

I am the one attempting a Warrior Three Pose on top of the ATV, except I have my arms to the sides instead of in front. I was trying to spread my imaginary bat-cape rather than “Superman.”


4 thoughts on “Flesh and Steel

  1. What you need to do for the half-moon pose is you need to place a block (look up “yoga blocks”) underneath your bottom hand, that will help you with stability, and you will be able to lengthen your bottom side waist as oppose to crunching it in the attempt to reach the ground with your bottom hand. You were great! 🙂

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