Bat Tan Line

Do you ever wonder why Bruce Wayne is not darker around the mouth where his face is exposed while wearing the Batsuit? At first, I figured it was just because he only goes out at night, so there is just no light to tan from. Then I found out that, as it should be for Batman, he is more careful than just leaving it to chance. After all, it would be a dead giveaway to anyone trying to figure out his secret identity!

I am sure whatever that “ointment” is, it includes SPF protection, too.

Personally, I am a bit pale for an Asian. This is due to being indoors all the time as well as genetics. When summer comes around and I do poke my head outside, I often get a farmer’s tan, which my friends love to give me grief about. Here I am after coming back from Pismo Beach. WARNING: Link to semi-clothed picture to follow!

Bat-Tan Lines.

I find it odd that my neck does not have a very distinctive line while my arms stand out so much. It might be because I was wearing a helmet for ATVing. Maybe I should invest in some sort of all-purpose ointment as well. Or just go shirtless more to even things out.


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