All There in the Manual

Last week, I bought The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual by Scott Beatty and meant to read it on the drive to Pismo, but never got around to it while I was down there. Luckily, I had time to kill while I was giving blood on Wednesday, so I knocked it out instead of watching a movie.

I definitely enjoyed the book a great deal. The tone is great, you can totally sense that Mr. Beatty is a big Bat-fan with his little digs at other superheroes. It is also pretty well researched, with Mr. Beatty consulting with Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan on Batman canon and with various experts in the fields Batman would have studied.

The book is broken down into five sections that each cover some specific tasks you would want to be able to handle as a real-life Batman:

Basic Skills

  • How to Become a Crime Fighter
  • How to Make a Batsuit
  • How to Assemble a Utility Belt
  • How to Make a Bat-Signal
  • How to Bulletproof Your Batmobile
  • How to Train a Sidekick
  • How to Build a Batcave
  • How to Maintain Your Alter-Ego

Bat Skills

  • How to Throw a Batarang
  • How to Throw a Grappling Hook
  • How to Slide down the Bat-Pole
  • How to Make a Quick Costume Change
  • How to See in the Dark
  • How to Drive the Batmobile on Two Wheels
  • How to Jump a Bridge in Your Batmobile
  • How to Execute a Backflip
  • How to Swing around a Flagpole
  • How to Rappel down a Building

Fighting Skills

  • How to Win a Whip FIght
  • How to Disarm a Gunman
  • How to Break a Chokehold
  • How to Take a Kick to the Head
  • How to Win a Sword Fight
  • How to Survive a Shootout
  • How to Take out a Roomful of Goons
  • How to Jump out of  a Tall Building

Detective Skills

  • How to Search for Clues
  • How to Photograph a Crime Scene
  • How to Determine the Cause and Time of Death
  • How to Collect Blood Samples
  • How to Plant a Homing Device
  • How to Extract a Confession
  • How to Talk down a Gunman

Escape Skills

  • How to Win a Coin Toss
  • How to Keep from Freezing to Death
  • How to Withstand Poison Kisses
  • How to Survive a Poison Gas Attack
  • How to Use a Rebreather
  • How to Slow Your Breathing
  • How to Conquer Phobias
  • How to Withstand Hypnosis
  • How to Extinguish an Inferno
  • How to Cause a Short Circuit
  • How to Break Free of Bindings
  • How to Blend into the Shadows and Slip Away

Obviously, some of these items are more practical than others, but it was all entertaining material. And it should be clear that this book is not an “ultimate” guide to becoming Batman – no one book can be, since Batman can never stop learning if he wants to stay ahead of the supervillains – but it does give you a lot to think about as you begin the transformation into a badass crime fighter.

If you are at all interested in learning any of these skills, you can always borrow my book to help you get started. I will be adding several of these items to my goals list, too, and will be updating the blog when I attempt to learn them – you are always free to join me. In fact, if there is a particular skill you want to learn, let me know and I will find the next class for us!


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