Voice of the Resistance

Red Son is possibly my favorite Elseworlds story. In it, Superman lands on a collective farm in Ukraine instead of the Kents’ family farm in Kansas. Instead of fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way,” this version of Superman fights for “Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.”

Superman starts from a place of idealism, wanting to create a utopia. However, as time goes on, his methods become more and more totalitarian, including forcing brain surgery on dissidents to turn them into obedient drones.

From the tragedy of a dissident couple being gunned down in front of their young son, Batman arises! He uses red solar energy to weaken Superman and almost beats him when Wonder Woman saves him at the last moment. Batman then sets off a bomb inside himself rather than suffer personality-wiping brain surgery. Despite his personal failure, Batman inspires more people to resist.

I just learned that back in our world, the logo for the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) Spetsnaz (Special Forces) is actually a bat!

Here you can see Vladimir Putin admiring it.

Spetsnaz is supposed to be equivalent to U.S. Navy SEALS and undergo training that is considered extreme even by other military forces. Pretty fitting for a bunch of Batmen!


4 thoughts on “Voice of the Resistance

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