The Greatest Power

Some critics argue that Batman’s greatest power is his money, and that without all that wealth, he would be nothing.

I disagree – I find that motivation is the greatest power. Bruce Wayne with the money and without the tragedy would not have become Batman. Bruce Wayne with the tragedy and without the money still would have found a way to fight crime. At least I hope so, because I do not have the resources of Wayne Enterprises. I put off getting even a gym membership for as long as possible until I found there was no reliable way for me to train without one.

Last week, I bought my first piece of workout equipment – the Ironmind De Rigueur dip belt.

It is a padded belt that I can attach weights to in order to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, or dips heavier than bodyweight. Today was the first day I actually put it to use, and it was more difficult than I had envisioned. It may be because the belt is too new/stiff and does not conform to my body yet, or I am not using enough weight (I only needed to add five pounds today), but the belt did not feel secure on my hips, so I ended up raising my knees in order to make sure it did not slip off as I did my pull-ups.

I am going to start rolling the belt up to break the creases in it, and I should be using more weight next week, so I will report back on any improvements.

EDIT: I did the next session of weighted pull-ups today. The belt was a great success this time! I am not sure whether it was the rolling or the added weight (I added 12.5 pounds this time), but it hugged my hips much better.


3 thoughts on “The Greatest Power

  1. I just bought a dip belt as well. I foresee the same difficulties with mine. My new gym is equipment deficient… not a single barbell.

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