Bravely Ran Away

Since Batman is a mere mortal, he makes up for it by being a crazy good strategist. Thus, he has no problem with a tactical retreat to evaluate his options and the enemy’s weaknesses before he goes on the offensive again. No matter what the villain’s scheme, though, Batman always has a back-up plan that saves the day – even “Fat Lazy Batman.”

After I completed Missions One and Four of Stamps from Elsewhere with a couple of friends, I went home and immediately signed up for a team to do Mission Three. I was put on a team pretty quickly because apparently there are some teams that have had absentee members, so Kaidan subbed me in on an existing team that was languishing. Anyway, our team is planning on meeting up on September 23rd to attempt Mission Three, so I thought it would be wise for me to complete Mission Two beforehand.

Mission Two is to find Jimmy, the President of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society, who recently disappeared. According to the clues that Kaidan and Mailman Miek gathered for me, Jimmy was last seen near McKinley Square in Potrero Hill, so I went there on Sunday.

The first clue led me to a nearby caboose which Jimmy had been been living out of. There, I found a second clue leading me to this book which Jimmy had used as a journal. There was a lot of writing to absorb from the book, and no clear hobo-code clue like Jimmy had left previously. He did mention an active dead drop location nearby, so I went there for the next clue. (It also corresponded to a location that Mailman Miek had pointed out in his incomplete map of the area.) Unfortunately, when I got there, I found that the dead drop location was inside a business that was closed on Sundays. (Note to self: Put lockpicking higher on the priority of goals.) I knew I was in the right place, though, because the artwork in the fenced off parking lot matched art in Jimmy’s journal. Since I could not get into the building itself or the parking lot, I decided to make a tactical retreat and consider my options.

Back at home, I reviewed my notes, the clues provided by Kaidan and Mailman Miek, and Jimmy’s journal (I had photographed every page just in case there was more than just flavor text). I tried calling the phone numbers listed, but they did not seem to do anything to lead me to the next location.

No way Batman would let a little thing like business hours stop him, though! I decided to finish the mission today after class. As soon as I saw the open door of the business, I knew I was in the right place! Inside, I found a clue in proper hobo-code. That lead me to a map Jimmy had left of the immediate area, and that map led me to the final location.

I found a final clue at the last location, but sadly, I did not find Jimmy. I suspect these markings on the ground have something to do with his disappearance, though.

The final clue tells me to call from the first location of Mission Three, so I was not sure if I needed to go there to complete Mission Two, or just wait for Mission Three with my team, but since that location is on my way home and also near the start location for the first mission of the Message From Z game, I decided I might as well check it out and knock out two birds today.

I went to the Mission District and walked to the first location of Mission Three. I tried calling the numbers Jimmy had listed in his journal, but nothing seemed to work.

Determined not to walk away with nothing, I wandered over to Dolores Park and finished Sequence Unu of Message From Z with no problems at all! And to celebrate, I had some ice cream from Bi-Rite on the way back to my car.


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