Bat Logo

Batman’s chest emblem has changed a lot over the years.

And during the Battle for the Cowl, when there was no clear successor to Bruce Wayne, there were even more variations.

Perhaps the nerdiest Bat emblem I have seen, though, is this. I did not even know that Google had upgraded the search box calculator to do graphs. Next thing you know, they will have Tetris and Drug Wars for their Doodles.

Finding out about this actually reminded me of my elementary school days, when I played around with a little program called Logo on an Apple IIe. (And then with multiple colors on the Mac Classic version!) For those of you who do not know about Logo, it was a teaching tool to expose kids to computer programming. You entered commands in Lisp to move the cursor (a turtle) around and have him draw stuff on your screen! Time for me to relearn Logo so I can program a turtle to draw a bat.


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