Return On Investment

When I read this comic, my only thought was, “This is genius!”

And I do not even need that much! According to this infographic, I only need $682,450,750 instead of $10,000,000,000 like the guy in the comic was asking for.

No matter which number is your goal, though, becoming Batman is definitely more difficult without a family fortune backing you up. As a broke Batman-to-be, I am always on the look for alternative revenue streams and the best return-on-investment for training programs. I see daily deals on adventures or lectures all the time where I think to myself that Batman could use that skill or knowledge, but I think about how much it costs and how well I would actually be trained.

I seriously wonder about if anyone could pull off such a Kickstarter. I would love to try. What kind of perks should I offer to my backers? Here are some ideas I have come up with on the matter, in no particular order:

  • “Be My Alfred” – Would anyone want this?
  • “Training Earmarks” – You pick which program(s) your money goes towards!
  • “Pick My Totem” – I would probably need to avoid bats for trademark reasons anyway.
  • “Thank You Note” – On paper or metal batarang, depending on your pledge level.
  • “Personal Visit” – I will come hang out with you. Or I provide transport for you to come see me in action.
  • “Bat Signal” – Call me as needed. This would be tricky unless you were pretty close to me. Maybe at some very high level of funding I would relocate to your town?

Can you think of any other perks you would like to see? Would you even consider pledging to something like this? What kind of guarantees would you want to see in return for your investment?


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