Cycle Six

I actually finished the sixth cycle of my training program last Sunday, but have not had the time to post until now.

Fifth Cycle

  • Deadlift: 250 lbs x 1 reps (250 lbs 1RM)
  • Squat: 200 lbs x 1 reps (200 lbs 1RM)
  • Bench Press: 165 lbs x 1 reps (165 lbs 1RM)
  • Overhead Press: 115 lbs x 1 reps (115 lbs 1RM)
  • Pull-Up: 164 lbs x 6 reps (190 lbs 1RM)

Sixth Cycle

  • Deadlift: 245 lbs x 3 reps (259 lbs 1RM, +3.6%)
  • Squat: 200 lbs x 3 reps (212 lbs 1RM, +6.0%)
  • Bench Press: 170 lbs x 3 reps (180 lbs 1RM, +9.1%)
  • Overhead Press: 110 lbs x 2 reps (113 lbs 1RM, -1.7%)
  • Pull-Up: 185 lbs x 2 reps (190 lbs 1RM, +0.0%)

I am really happy about the big gains in my Squat and Bench Press, but it was to be expected, since I had negative progress in those two lifts last cycle. Also, I realized that my Pull-Up progression is in a very odd place. I never would have expected it to be higher than my Overhead Press, let alone be higher than my Bench Press! But I have definitely hit a local limit, because my 1RM is exactly the same as where it was last cycle, I am just doing lower reps at higher weight. But for those of you who are not interested in weightlifting, here are some body numbers for you.

Fifth Cycle

  • 171.5 lbs (Actual)
  • 172.5 lbs (Trend)
  • 14″ Arms
  • 36 7/8″ Waist
  • 39 1/8″ Hips
  • 22 3/4″ Legs

Sixth Cycle

  • 173.5 lbs (Actual, +1.1%)
  • 173.0 lbs (Trend, +0.3%)
  • 14 3/8″ Arms (+2.7%)
  • 37 5/8″ Waist (+2.0%)
  • 39 1/4″ Hips (+0.3%)
  • 22 5/8″ Legs (-0.5%)

As always, the progress in this department is slow. My weight is still stuck in the 165-175 range, and my waist actually grew again this time. It might be partly because I am writing this post immediately after dinner, but I have a feeling there is more to it than just that. My other measurements are changing so slowly, I cannot even tell if I am recomposing in the right direction. Except for my arms – I never had enough fat there to hide my muscle development!

All in all, I did much better exercise-wise this cycle, but I really need to crack down on myself on the diet side. Like I said, I have not been eating as well this cycle, starting with the beach trip. Having my dad come to visit did not help, either. Traditional cooking does not fit my macros! If it is not one thing it is another. At least I am making progress somewhere.

Once again, here is the money shot. WARNING: Links to semi-clothed pictures to follow!

My before and me after.


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