A Better Mousetrap

In cartoons, mice always seem to be able to defeat the mousetrap, while the one who set the trap gets painfully snapped.

Likewise, a common complaint about the Batman mythos is that criminals are always escaping from Arkham Asylum. Some people question why Batman does not put some money into beefing up Arkham’s security systems. Others ask why he does not just kill the villains and negate the need for security entirely.

The second option is out of the question for me – Batman just does not kill, that is what makes him better than those he fights.

The first option has never been addressed to my satisfaction, though. In some continuities, it has been revealed that Batman maintains a secret bat-cache under Arkham, so maybe he does help with security in a private and unofficial capacity to preserve his air of mystery. Maybe he tried to do it openly (especially after Batman, Inc.), but was rebuked by Arkham or city officials who do not want him involved. Or maybe Batman believes in giving the villains the benefit of the doubt, and lets them go as a chance to prove that they have gone straight.

… or maybe he just wants some job security.

Anyway, if I ever became a superhero, I would want to know as much as possible about restraining criminals, so I invested in the alpha of Introversion Software’s Prison Architect game.

I only ran through the tutorial level last night, but it seems like a fun game. Hopefully I can learn something from it that will make me a better Batman.


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