Live Episode

Last week, I went to see the Batman Live show in San Jose. I was not quite sure what to expect going into it.

The reviews had quoted a couple of lines from the show, so I thought that there was a possibility of singing.

In actuality, it was an acrobatic show along the lines of Cirque Du Soleil (but with more stunt wire work) with Batman-themed dialogue in between set pieces to move the story forward.

Speaking of the plot, there were several non-canon changes that bothered me:

  • Bruce seems wrapped up in himself and did not want to take in Dick, but was strong-armed/guilt-tripped into it by Commissioner Gordon.
  • In order to have all the big-name villains make an appearance, they formed a super-squad to kill Batman, but never actually do anything. The plot is squarely Joker vs. Batman.
  • Batman was trained entirely by Alfred rather than travelling the world.
  • Batman’s voice was more Jonny Lee Miller than Kevin Conroy.
  • Batman’s costume was foamed out to the gills.

But there was plenty that I did enjoy, too:

  • I think working out has increased my appreciation for physical feats such as the acrobatic acts. My favorite part of this show was actually the Flying Graysons’ trapèze act at the beginning of the story.
  • Harley was the big scene-stealer for the show.
  • The bat-emblem jumbo-tron behind the stage was a nice touch, especially with the art by Jim Lee.

All in all, I agree with Peggy – it’s worth seeing if you have young Bat-fans. Most adults will probably be unfulfilled.


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