Housekeeping (September 2012)

This post is overdue, but I have been so slammed with schoolwork. Finally finished my paralegal program, so here is what has changed around these parts since my last housekeeping post.

There were no changes to the site itself.

Site Statistics:

  • I have published 24 posts since the last update. (-44%)
  • In response, I got six comments, and I replied to all six. (-25%)
  • 26 people are now following this blog. (+100%)
  • Oppa Gotham Style is still the most popular post with 181 views. (+376%)
  • The blog has had about 1,573 views. (+66%)
  • The large majority of those views is now people coming through Google Image Search.
  • Others have found me through Google while searching for:
    • “oppa batman style” / “oppa gotham style” / “oppan gotham style” / “oppa gotham style lyrics” / “oppa batman” / “gotham style song” / “oppa gangnam style batman” / “batman oppa gotham” / “what is oppa gotham style” / “oppan batman style tumblr” / “gotham style song video” / “oppa gotham” / “gothem style video” / “oppa gothum style” / “oppa gotham style dinle” / “oppan gothum style” / “video oficial de oppa gatham style” / “gotham style lyrics” / “oppa gangnam toys with batman and superman” / “oppa gotham style oppa-gotham-style.gif”
      • If you have not seen it yet, here you go.
    • “batman and wonder woman kiss” / “batman and wonder woman kissing” / “batman wonder woman kiss” / “batman kissing wonder woman” / “wonder woman and batman kiss” / “superman batman wonder woman love triangle” / “dc trinity super love triangle” / “dc trinity logo” / “batman vs wonder woman” / “batman wondre women kiss” / “batman kissing wonder woman 2012” / “wonder woman kissing batman” / “batman and wonder woman romance” / “wonder woman batman superman love triangle” / “images of kiss by wounder women in justice league of cartoon network” / “wonder woman and superman love” / “batman and wonder woman in love” / “batman and wonder woman kiss episode” / “the trinity justice league” / “batman superman wonder woman trinity tattoo” / “batman wonder woman” / “batman superman love triangle” / “wonder woman superman batman love triangle”
    • “iron man tattoo” / “bat symbol tattoo” / “tattoo batman” / “batman tattoo” / “batman symbol tattoo” / “bad ass tats of sharks” / “lantern tattoo for chest design” / “iron man tattoos” / “will power tattoo” / “goruck tattoo” / “batman piercings”
    • “real escape game evangelion” / “escape from an angel”
    • “batman begins sex” / “batman sex” / “catwoman sex with batman” / “batman love scene” / “batman sex scene dark knight rises” / “fifty shades of black batman” / “kiss batman” / “batman kiss animation” / “batman and catwoman kissing” / “catwoman cuffed” / “bruce selina comics”
    • “batman helmet” / “ninjas motorcycles” / “ninja motorcycle helmet” / “batman helmet motorcycle” / “batcycle sideways” / “ninja bike second class”
    • “peak human condition” / “batman peak human” / “batman olympic level athlete” / “”peak human” olympic” / “batman peak condition” / “peak human condition batman” / “how to batman peak human condition” / “real life peak human”
      • Batman needs to compete in the Olympics.
    • “batman herodotus” / “batman herodotus gallery”
    • “vampire batman” / “vampire batman eat” / “batman: vampire”
      • I barely mentioned him.
    • “don’t get chased by batman”
    • “batman”
      • It’s actually pretty awesome that I am a search result for this!
    • “batman battle for the cowl” / “battle for the cowl” / “batman and robin chest symbol”
    • “batman abs” / “batman diet plan” / “bruce wayne workout” / “batman exercise routine” / “batman bench press” / “bane diet and workout” / “batman begins diet” / “bruce wayne batman body training in comicimages” / “bruce wayne training” / “batman’s diet” / “batman workout”
      • Again, I do not know what Batman actually did, nor do I know what Christian Bale or Tom hardy did. Here is what I am doing.
    • “gru spetsnaz batman” / “spetsnaz gru” / “spetsnaz logo” / “spetsnaz motivational”
      • This made me want to move to Russia.
    • “batman reading”
      • Probably referring to this post, which has a picture of Batman reading.
    • “batman cars over the years”
      • The infographic on the Batmobiles over the years is the first link in this post.
    • “vegetarian bat-cow”
      • I wonder if Damian stuck with it.
    • “scary batman”
    • “no bat stache lyrics” / “no bat stache”
      • The video is here. The lyrics are on the original YouTube page.
    • “helena and bruce”
      • I hope you were not looking for a hook-up picture.
    • “batman manual”
      • Here is my post about the Batman Manual.
    • “bullet time”
      • I never write about the effect, but I do mention that it is used in this video.
    • “8.-selina-kyle gallery primary.jpg”
      • That is a very precise search. I hope you found it.
    • “advanced eagle pose”
      • Is there a more advanced version? I had a hard enough time with the basic one.
    • “batman begins tumblr”
      • Not sure what you were looking for, but I do mention Batman Begins a couple of times.
    • “facebook vigilante”
      • Not sure what you are looking for. Something similar to Kick Ass’s MySpace contact page?
    • “watchmen sex scene”
      • I mentioned it here.
    • “cookie monster vs batman” / “cookie monster vs batman'” / “cookie monster voice actor” / “cookie monster tumblr”
      • Here is the video.
    • “flame sax”
    • “modern knights armor” / “batman armor dark ages” / “iron dark knight” / “batman armor” / “batman armor from dc universe” / “iron bat armor” / “armored batman gif in jpeg”
      • Not sure if you are looking for this.
    • “atv costume”
      • Me on an ATV.
    • “batman’s shoes that he wears” / “does not like shoes”
      • Not sure what the real thing wears. I like Vibrams.
    • “lame batman jokes” / “funny” / “funny pic” / “funny pics” / “funny pictures”
      • Not sure which pictures you are looking for, but here’s a good joke.
    • “superman break his chlotes” / “superman” / “superman alex ross” / “where does superman get his clothes when he changes into superman” / “alex ross clark kent” / “superman change costume” / “superman changing out of is work suit” / “superman costume under normal clothes” / “superman on a cross” / “crossed arm superman” / “superman by alex ross” / “superman change” / “superman under clothes”
      • I think you are looking for the picture I linked with the word “Superman” in this post.
    • “apple abs made in kitchen not in gym” / “abs are made in the kitchen say with photos”
      • Here is my plan to get abs.
    • “the dark knight batsuit” “batman begins batsuit” / “batman’s suits” / “cloak of batman” / “batsuit” / “batman batsuits” / “batman real suit”
      • I have a post planned about the change in Batman’s costume over the years. In the meantime, this is the closest post to what you are looking for.
    • “batman used to be normal”
      • He still is.
    • “will fight crime for food”
      • Homeless heroes?
    • “straight line kitchens”
      • I really have no idea what this was about.
    • “belly beer”
    • “batman spiderman vote” / “would spiderman beat batman” / “batman spiderman argument”
      • I only mentioned Spider-man peripherally to this post about Wolverine, but I will put one up soon.
    • “smiling pug” / “bat dog from batman” / “cats pug costume” / “carlino divertente”
      • Not sure where the cats come in, but this is probably the post in question.
    • “the batman show at hpavilian” / “”we’ll do it live””
      • I saw the Batman Live show and wrote about it here.
    • “real adamantium” / “adamantium skeleton”
    • “i am still batman”
      • I hope so.
    • “batman totem”
      • I mention that I would need another totem animal here.
    • “ivy joker” / “poison ivy hypno”
    • “gordon gif batman”
      • I do not remember any GIF involving Gordon.
    • “de rigueur dipping belt”
      • I bought one and wrote about it here.
    • “batman’s brother”
      • I have not mentioned Batman’s brother before. Putting on it on the list of future posts.
    • “infants getting punched in the face”
      • Good God, how did I come up as a result for this?
    • “neil strauss emergency cemp”
      • Here is my post about Emergency.
    • “batman saga of the dark knight 咭”
      • Not sure where the Chinese character comes into play, but here is my post about Bat Man of Shanghai.
    • “goruck batman”
      • Here is my post about GoRuck.
    • “modern batman”
    • “batman vogue”
    • “batman year one movie”
      • I need to see this.
    • “upper class knight’s”
    • “batman badass”
    • “halloween batman party”
    • “batman tan lines”
      • Here is my post on this.
    • “batman goggles for surgery” / “batman eyes” / “ingrown eyelash on eyelid”
      • I wrote about my PRK surgery here.
    • “weird iron man mod” / “iron man armor progression movies”
    • “superman heroic” / “super heroes”
    • “wonder woman beats batman”
    • “bat deduction” / “batman mental training”
      • Here are my posts about my mental training.
    • “big picture of wonder woman signal”
    • “the dark knight saga which is best”
    • “perfect man diagram” / “perfect man batman diagram”
      • Here is my post about this.
    • “batman and mithridates”
      • Again, I did not know there was a connection between the two. Here is my post about Mithridates.
    • “lightning bruiser” / “how to become lightning bruiser”
      • I did not write about how to become one, but Batman definitely is one, and here is the post where I used the phrase.
    • “where the hell is gotham”
      • No one knows for sure. The best guesses are New Jersey or Connecticut. Here are some posts on the matter.
    • “batman macbook sleeves”
      • Here is my post on this.
    • “batman turned into joker”
      • This post has the picture I think you are looking for.
    • “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist take that away what are you im batman”
      • I know the picture you are talking about, but I have not used it in a post yet.
    • “superman vs flash race around the world”
    • “royal flush gang and joker”
    • “kids batman drugs”
      • I am intrigued by this line of thought, but I do not know how I was a search result.
    • “batman utility belt halloween” / “how to make a utility belt”
      • Mentioned as a chapter of the Batman Manual, but no posts specifically on this topic yet.
    • “batmankoff”
      • Not sure what this is.
    • “superheroes that wear hoods”
    • “usar search markings mnemonic team date hazards”
    • “sex batsuit for women”
    • “batman the 3 ghosts”
    • “nice guy batman”
    • “iron man tatuaje”
    • “all i think is batman”
      • Me, too!

Some other random thoughts:

  • My post rate dropped way down, but hopefully will pick back up this month.
  • I am going to try to get more substantial posts up.
  • I love still comments.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.


9 thoughts on “Housekeeping (September 2012)

  1. congrats! I really get a kick out of your blog and learn some interesting stuff as a Batman fan. And besides, doesn’t everyone want to be a superhero? Especially one like Batman who’s human? I want to be an Amazon like Wonder Woman but don’t see that happening… I guess Batgirl is the next best thing!

  2. Hey, Batman and Spider-man did square off recently in Toronto! Both of them are impersonators that hang around tourist hot spots, and they happened to get on the same subway car one night…

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