Government Conspiracy

Batman’s foes often like to engage him in a battle of wits, so I am always looking for ways to sharpen mine. You might remember that I completed Sequence Unu of Message From Z a month ago. Since then, I have completed Sequences Du, Tri, and Kwar.

Message From Z is not as intricate as the Games of Nonchalance or Stamps from Elsewhere, but it is still quite fun. Here is how it works: you get a PDF guide from the website. It gives you a start location, and a sign, plaque, or painting to look for there. You copy it, and then the sheet scrambles the letters to give you the next location. Lather, rinse, repeat. Once you finish the sequence, you enter the final coded message into the website and get the next one.

The game is still great in that it takes you through parts of town you probably have not seen before. Unu was set around Dolores Park, Du was in the Financial District, Tri was in SOMA, and Kwar was in the Mission. Besides just being a fun way to explore town, these games help me learn more about the local scene, which is a vital area of study according to the “How to Become a Crime Fighter” chapter of the Batman Handbook.

The other great thing about this game is that at the end of each sequence, you get a video message from Z explaining his conspiracy theory about the FIA (Federal Information Agency).

Also, each sequence is decently chunked to be involved but not overly long; I finished each one during a lunch break between classes.

Sadly, after I finished Kwar, Z told me in his video that he was going to send me the final sequence, but I never received it. Hopefully the game designer is still working on it, and this is not a dead end!


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