Competitive Balance

Have you seen the new commercial for Coke Zero?

Lesley first turned me onto Ken Jeong when he was on the “Four Kims of Comedy” tour, and I love him as Senor Chang on Community. Possibly the most interesting thing about this commercial is that he exemplifies his on-screen ideology. He is a successful doctor and comedian!

I think I played too many RPGs as a kid, but it got engrained in my head that it was better to specialize than generalize; that you are rewarded for choosing “or” instead of “and.” This is more subtly shown in the Batman comics – he was often drawn as taller and slimmer when emphasizing his detective skills and squatter and stouter when emphasizing his brawling abilities.

The more I grow, though, the more I realize that is not necessarily true. Real life does not have game-design balance. Sure, you want to have some focus in your life, but you also need moderation. And in more modern Batman comics, he is more consistently drawn with a middle-of-the-road body type.

In short, Batman taught me that you do not need to choose “brains” or “brawn,” you can have both! I might be late to the game on the physical side, and some might say that I squandered my best years for it, but as they say, “better late than never.”

Maybe Coke should get Batman to shill for them. It would not be the first time.


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