Housekeeping (October 2012)

Once again, I am late on the housekeeping – seems like things always get a little crazier around the end of the month. Here is what has changed around these parts since my last housekeeping post.

There were no changes to the site itself.

Site Statistics:

  • I only published 6 posts since the last update. (-75%) (And two of those are from yesterday, so four posts last month really gives -83%.)
  • In response, I got seven comments, and I replied to all seven. (+17%)
  • 29 people are now following this blog. (+12%)
  • Oppa Gotham Style is still the most popular post with 113 views. (-38%)
  • The blog has had about 1,326 views. (-16%)
  • The large majority of those views is again through Google Image Search.
  • Others have found me through Google while searching for:
    • gotham style lyrics / gotham style song / gotham style video / oppa batman style / oppa gotham style lyrics / gotham style music video / oppa gotham style song / gatham style song / oppa, gangnam style! / psy – oppa gangnam style / oppa gotham style / psy gangnam style / oppa gotham lyrics / oppa gothim style lyircs. / psy – oppa, gangnam style! перевод песни / gothim style lyrics / psy gangnam style слушать / hop and gotham style batman / gotham style song lyrics / gangnam style psy / oppa gotham style video / psy gangnam style gif / what is oppa gotham style / gangnam style / batman oppa / гифки на gangnam style
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    • iron man tattoo / ironman tattoo / iron man chest piece tattoo / ironman symbol tattoo
      • If you do this, please send me a picture.
    • flash vs superman race / superman vs flash race / flash and superman race episode / the flash vs superman race / superman vs flash / superman vs flash race around the world / the flash vs superman
    • alex ross superman / superman in regular clothes / ross alex superman / superman changing / superman clothes under real / superman changing clothes / superman costume under street clothes / superman alex ross / how does superman change clothes / alex ross
      • This comes up a lot more than I expected, since it’s only a link from my post and not actually in it.
    • batman’s workout / batman bench press / how to get abs like batman / batman’s training routine / images of bruce wayne batman chestand abs / batman diet / batman training schedule
      • Again, I do not know what Batman’s plan is, or even what actors from the Batman movies use. Here is my plan.
    • batman helmet / bat man helmet / how to make a batman motorcycle helmet / honda helmets bat / how to make a four wheeler helmet into a batman costume / batman motorcycle suit helmet / alien batman motorcycle helmet
      • The more I think about it, the more I need to make it. But first, I must fix the motorcycle.
    • peak human condition / peak of human condition / batman peak human / batman peak condition / peak human
    • how to draw batfinn / bat finn / finn as batman / superhero finn
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    • takes the cake joke / chistes 2012 / kryptonite jokes / batman and robin joke
      • Tell me these jokes!
    • bruce wayne motivation
    • bat logo
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    • ingrown eyelash / used to keep eyelids open during lasik
    • crazy yoga poses / batman doing yoga / crazy yoga pose
    • ways to modify go ruck gr1 / can fat people do goruck / goruck badges
      • I do not know of any modifications to GR1s other than adding MOLLE gear. I certainly hope fat people can do the GoRuck Challenge since I consider myself fat. And here are their patches.
    • technology against magic
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    • jim wendler rpt
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      • I was almost Bane for Halloween. More on that in a full post.
    • batman herodotus gallery / batman herodotus
    • its tactical onpoint neil strauss emergency / mark 1 nerve agent antidote kit
    • 165 lbs bench
      • That is very specific. Is that a goal of yours?
    • batman
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    • فليم ساكس
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    • incredibly lame pun
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    • batman never stops learning
    • my body does not conform to it
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    • batman modifications
    • is batman a knight in shining armor
    • monney is the greatest power
    • “m lewis redford”
      • I am not sure how you found me while searching for another WordPress author.
    • batman word press
      • As far as I know, I am the only one on dedicated to Batman. Then again, it’s a big place and I do not get out much.
    • batman live
    • batman has kryptonite his belt
    • superman evil
    • batman arkham city hidden messages
    • how come batman always have a backup plan
    • polyphasic logo
    • bat man ever have a dog?
    • perfect guy traits triangle
    • got my friends play batman
    • the perfect man in a diagram
    • batman the beiging
    • mouse benching mousetrap cartoon
    • slumdog dog
    • riddle me this batman

Some other random thoughts:

  • Four posts in a month is ridiculously bad. I will beat that for sure. (I’m already one post away from matching it.)
  • Thanks to those of you who do leave comments, you are motivating me to keep writing.
  • New job means less time, but more money to do interesting Batman training when I do have time. Hopefully I find some sort of balance.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.


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