The Most Dangerous Video Game

Last month, I played Real Escape Game’s Escape from the Mysterious Room, their newest iteration of the game, and the closest yet to the old-school Flash games that these escape scenarios are based on. The game was held at their San Francisco Headquarters in Japantown.

This time, we were put into a team of eleven and sent into a mysterious room. We were told that all other people who entered this room strangely disappeared, never to be seen again. We would have an hour to figure out how to escape from the room once we were locked inside.

The three tips the gamerunners provide on the website are:

  1. Be thorough
  2. Report everything to each other what you find
  3. Be at top speed from the beginning

Which are quite accurate. Once again, my team was down to the wire on the escape, but did not quite manage to make it out before the buzzer. We got lucky early on because Jon was actually so thorough he found an intermediate clue early in the game. However, we got more confused as we mixed up early and intermediate clues. By the time we got around to the final puzzle, we were not as good at communicating with each other as we were early on, and that came back to haunt us. When we had our exit briefing, it turns out I had the penultimate key and Jon had the penultimate lock, but we were looking for the other half ourselves instead of just speaking up and finding each other.

Mysterious Room Failure

Besides that big problem, my team and I had a couple of smaller problems. First, I tend to follow the rules too blindly. This time, one of the rules was “do not dismantle furniture with tools.” But some dismantling was required to solve the game. It turns out, anything you can dismantle with your bare hands is OK. Also, I brought a multi-tool into the room, even though we were not supposed to have any outside objects. I wanted to use it so many times, because one of the puzzles was to open a small chest using different sizes of Allen keys, and I could have done it immediately, but I tried to play right. (I had also thought about bringing my lock-pick set, which could have been used to just pick the escape door immediately, but I left it at home.)

I know I’ve said it before, but next time, we will definitely solve the whole thing!


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