Tiny Silver Rectangles

It has been a while since I updated you guys on my Stamps from Elsewhere progress. I was actually flip-flopping for a long time about putting this post up, because I cannot think of a good way to write about it without spoiling the mission. I finally decided to put it up, for two reasons. First, the locations in question do seem to change, so even if I spoil some of the mission, you will still need to do the legwork. Second, and more importantly, this mission introduces some new people that I will be attempting more missions with.

As you may recall, Mission Three requires meeting up with a team of six people. I wrote to Kaidan about joining a team, and was assigned to one. We were given a paper with a disjointed map of the city with a couple of locations marked, a phone number, and some incoherent scribbles. The phone number was just a pre-recorded message about “activating the network.” Not sure where to start, we decided to just meet up at the first location. I was pretty nervous, but Carol, Dallis, Ivonne, Judy, and Winston definitely seemed like a cool bunch. They had also completed Missions One and Two, but not Four, and they had gone much further than I had in the Games of Nonchalance.

At the first location, we found some markings that revealed the locations that were missing from our map, but we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing. Since locations two and three were within walking distance, we decided to check those out too, in case there were more markings along the way. No such luck. However, at the third location, I noticed that there was a payphone, so on a whim, I called the phone number from the paper. Lo and behold, I did not get the same recorded message! Instead, the voice said something along the lines of “Testing network… missing… missing… three… missing… missing… missing…”

Excited, I told the others about the change and Winston went to the payphone at the second location and tried calling. Now, I heard “Testing network… missing… two… three… missing… missing… missing…” We got very excited at this point and started to form a plan. We got lunch at a nearby taqueria and split up all six locations between the six of us. I got the phone near Pier 31, so I caught a bus up to that area.

Unfortunately, this was the Eventpocalypse Weekend in San Francisco. There were multiple festivals going on as well as Fleet Week and America’s Cup racing, so Pier 31 was crazy packed.

Phone Booth

This picture does not do it justice. As I was taking this, the rails along the water to the left of the picture are packed with people watching the race. The street to the right of the picture is packed with people talking to the military recruiters there for Fleet Week. The Marines had two Hummers blasting music, the inflatable drill sergeant you see in the picture, and a pull-up bar set up for challengers (and hopefully new recruits) to come and win prizes. Oh, and the Blue Angels were buzzing us overhead!

At the pre-arranged time, I faithfully dropped my two quarters into the payphone and dialed, but I could not hear anything at all on the receiver. Luckily, my teammates later informed me that it was a success!


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