(New) Cycle Three

Bat Exercise

For about three months after Cycle Six, which concluded at the end of last September, I stopped working out as I focused on my new job. Not entirely, but I definitely lost consistency as I tried to find a good way to fit it back into my daily routine. Waking up earlier to go before work was tough, but I also had trouble getting myself back out of the house after I came home from work.

Around New Year’s, I said enough was enough and recruited two of my good friends to come with me and keep me accountable.  We all got the 24 Hour Fitness deal from Costco and started up a new cycle fo 5/3/1 by mid-January.  This week was the end of our third cycle as a group.

Sixth Cycle

  • Bench Press: 170 lbs x 3 reps (180 lbs 1RM)
  • Deadlift: 245 lbs x 3 reps (259 lbs 1RM)
  • Overhead Press: 110 lbs x 2 reps (113 lbs 1RM)
  • Squat: 200 lbs x 3 reps (212 lbs 1RM)

New Second Cycle

  • Bench Press: 170 lbs x 1 rep (170 lbs 1RM, -5.6%)
  • Deadlift: 255 lbs x 5 reps (287 lbs 1RM, +10.8%)
  • Overhead Press: 100 lbs x 8 reps (124 lbs 1RM, +9.7%)
  • Squat: 160 lbs x 8 reps (199 lbs 1RM, -6.1%)

New Third Cycle

  • Bench Press: 165 lbs x 4 reps (180 lbs 1RM, +5.9%)
  • Deadlift: 275 lbs x 1 rep (275 lbs 1RM, -4.2%)
  • Overhead Press: 115 lbs x 2 reps (118 lbs 1RM, -4.8%)
  • Squat: 190 lbs x 4 reps (207 lbs 1RM, +4.0%)

FIrst thing you may have noticed is that I dropped Pull-Ups from my routine.  Rather than try to apply 5/3/1 to it, I think I am just going to try to do bodyweight sets to failure.  Other than that, the three-month hiatus really took a toll on my numbers, and I’m slowly working back to where I was at.

And here are the body measurements:

Sixth Cycle

  • 173.5 lbs (Actual)
  • 173.0 lbs (Trend)
  • 14 3/8″ Arms
  • 37 5/8″ Waist
  • 39 1/4″ Hips
  • 22 5/8″ Legs

New Third Cycle

  • 185.5 lbs (Actual, +6.9%)
  • 23.2% BF
  • 14 3/4″ Arms (+2.6%)
  • 38 1/2″ Waist (+2.3%)
  • 40 3/8″ Hips (+2.9%)
  • 23 3/4″ Legs (+5.0%)

I have put on about 12 pounds since my last write-up and considering reset on the weightlifting, I am not sure how much of that gain was muscle and how much was fat.  I do feel like my muscles are getting… denser… but they are still buried under a lot of fat.  Also, you may have noticed that my trend weight is not listed for this cycle – I had been tracking my weight on my phone, which died, and I lost over two years of daily inputs, so now I have to start all over.  I also bought a scale that measures bodyfat through bioelectrical impedance analysis.  I know it is not very accurate, but it still seems like a better choice than performing caliper tests on myself (I can do it back-to-back and get completely different numbers), or just depending on eyeballed comparisons.

Overall, lifting with my friends has been working out well.  I have added accountability and motivation, not to mention having eyeballs to form check me on the spot.  My diet has been shaky, though.  I did a 30-day Paleo challenge with my friends during the last cycle, and that worked well. After my grandfather died, though, I’ve been on a 49-day vegetarian diet, and it has been difficult to make meals fit my macros.  Vegetarianism is definitely higher in carbs and lower in protein than what I am shooting for.  Luckily, I am lacto-ovo instead of full vegan, so at least I can overload on eggs and yogurt.

Once again, here is the money shot. WARNING: Links to semi-clothed pictures to follow!

Me before and me after.


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