Davy Jones

Back at the end of January, my friends and I attempted Real Escape Game v.4 – Escape from the Haunted Ship.

This one was more along the lines of the usual Real Escape Games – many teams of six playing at the same time – rather than the Escape from the Mysterious Room format of a single team of eleven.

Our group of friends ended up being more than six, so we split up into two teams and added some strangers. My team’s mix was pretty good. We had some new folks, but we worked well together and the puzzles actually seemed relatively easy. A lot of the usual puzzle elements were use, such as items being locked inside miniature chests, but one of the new things I really enjoyed was that there were “blackouts” where the ghosts with give us additional clues (through projected movies), but we also needed to use that blackout time to find additional clues only visible under black light.

Haunted Ship

Once again, though, we got incredibly close, but did not win. My team ended up solving all the puzzles, but did not “escape” because we did not notice one of the hints about how to find the ghost captain’s love’s name. However, my friend Nelson, who I did not even know was coming, ended up winning with his team! I am already signed up for the next game, Escape from the Magic Show, happening this June. You should come join us!

Oh, another really cool thing about Escape from the Haunted Ship is that it was held on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien at Pier 45. The game was conducted in the main hold, but we got to tour the entire ship after. I learned that footage of the O’Brien‘s engines were used for the Titanic movie!


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