Batman Can Breathe In Space

Breathe In Space

People joke about it now, but back in the day when Batman was more mythical and/or comic book readers did not care as much about realism, Batman was able to breathe in space. They explained it after-the-fact with Batman’s extreme training programs and the Justice League space station’s advanced technology, but there were definitely panels showing Batman in space with no protective head gear.

Back in the real world, though, things are a little more difficult. Christian Bale confided that his Batman costume was so restrictive that he would nearly faint just from not being able to breathe properly through his nose.

Personally, I grew up with severe allergies and fitful asthma. The asthma was diagnosis was later refined to be chronic bronchitis, but there was no practical difference. I was stilled tethered to my emergency-action inhaler.


Even though I have not had a full-on asthma attack in years, I still get very wheezy when I exert myself, often to the point where my running partners fear for my well-being. A big reason for my training mask purchase was to train my lungs and hopefully get over my handicap. Unfortunately, I have been slacking on the cardio training since I started weightlifting.

My friend and I went for my first run in a long time over the weekend. I did not wear the mask, and I was quite wheezy for the first 20 minutes or so. it was nice to establish a baseline, though, and I plan to do some running at least once a week from now on and really get some use out of that mask and build up my lung power. I am also considering trying to incorporate the mask into my weightlifting program. Not sure how effective that would be, though.


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