The Hard Way

A while back, I mentioned that I would love to get a Batman-style helmet. Recently, several friends have been forwarding me links to this new product:

Batman Motorcycle Helmet

(And also to the “cat” helmet here.) It looks pretty awesome! And I do like that it is built on top of an existing DOT-approved helmet. Eddie mentioned that I should be concerned about poking other with those ears, but I figure if I am ever going ears-first at someone, I probably have bigger concerns. Unless I am coordinating a stunt with a friend/sidekick…

Personally, I am worried about the aerodynamics of these helmets. The manufacturer for the cat helmet says “you won’t even notice them at a speed below 90mph,” which leads me to believe that my head is going to be ripped back when I go faster than that into a strong wind. Ideally, the Bat-helmet ears would sweep backwards like in the animated series.


I guess I will have to make it myself!


One thought on “The Hard Way

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