Batman Always Wins

Batman Wins

Batman is a master strategist. He works hard to know everything that is going on, always has a back-up plan, and when all else fails, can bluff like nobody’s business. With a combination like that, how could you not win every time?

Unfortunately, I do not live up to my idol. Similar to how I throw myself at puzzles, I love playing board games with friends. But I am terrible at them! I have a reputation among my friends for always losing. There are several reasons for this:

  • In competitive games, I tend to get aggressive more quickly than other players, drawing retaliation for the rest of the game.
  • Despite my early moves, I usually lack the killer instinct to finish off competitors, preferring to chip away at them.
  • Most importantly, though, I just have plum terrible luck. When I need to draw a certain card or roll a particular number, I consistently get the opposite, making me a bad gamer even in cooperative games.

Last night, though, some friends and I got together for a board games night. I talked my usual shit, not expecting anything to come of it, but I actually won! I am now two for two when playing Zooloretto. Time to consider retiring as a champion.

Batman Zoo


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