Comms Check

Here are a couple of superhero-themed blogs my friends linked me to recently:

Texts From Superheroes has text message conversations between comic book characters.

Texts from Superheroes

Some of them take too long to set up without delivering a great deal, but there are some gems hidden in the rough. Also, I do like that it seems to have more DC-centric conversations than Marvel ones, as most fan sites I come across tend to lean the other way.

Then there’s “Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You.” The artist posts fan-art based on little girls cosplaying.

Better Supes

I talk about feminism with a couple of friends and with my sister, particularly its intersection with gaming and comic books subcultures since those are traditionally seen as sexist. I think this artist might be reading too much into the source photos, but it is an interesting “from the mouths of babes” approach.


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