The Queen’s English

This week’s writing challenge is all about slang.

Slang, and linguistics in general, has been an interest of mine for a while. Growing up as a second-generation American, I learned pretty fast that accents shape perception. Watching My Fair Lady just solidified that theory. It is amazing to me that you can learn so much about a person’s background just by listening to their voice.

Batman is, of course, a master on this subject, and uses it to his advantage both when encountering others

and to disguise his own identity.

Batman Voice

On this blog, I try to write as properly as possible, striving to minimize the use of slang and even contractions. My friends will tell you that in person, I tend to use a lot more slang and cussing in my conversations. Some might say that I am disguising my real identity from my readers. I just see it as a compartmentalization of my life. Neither is the “real” me and neither is the “fake” me. I just have different faces I present in difference situations. I do not talk to my parents the same way I talk to my friends, and I do not write school papers the way I write on forums online. All of these aspects are still reflections of my identity, though.

Some people have a hard time wrapping their minds around this idea, and claim that kids today are ruining English with their txt spk and their urban dictionary‘ed vernacular. I feel there is no problem as long as they can accurately convey their ideas to the intended audience.


7 thoughts on “The Queen’s English

      • Yeah okay, you got me. I spend a lot more time on UD than would constitute “a little”. Also, loved that clip with Dick Clark! I showed one of my co-workers and she loved it too!

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