Housekeeping (April 2013)

It has been half a year since my last housekeeping post. Here is a look at what has happened this last month.

There were no changes to the site itself, other than its revival from the great digital beyond.

Site Statistics:

  • I published 14 posts. (+133%)
  • In response, I got five comments, and I replied to all five. (-29%)
  • I also got my first external pingback from someone who agrees with my views on violent video games.
  • 37 people are now following this blog. (+28%)
  • Love Triangle has displaced Oppa Gotham Style as my most popular post with 74 113 views. (-35%)
  • The blog has had about 909 views. (-31%)
  • The large majority of those views is again through Google Search.
  • People have found me while searching for:
    • batman & wonder woman love / batman and wonder woman / batman and wonder woman kiss / batman and wonder woman making love / batman wonder kissing woman romance / batman wonder woman kiss / batman wonder woman kissing / batman wonderwoman kiss / pictures of batman and wonder woman together / wonder woman and batman kiss / wonder woman batman / wonder woman kisses batman / wonder woman kissing batman – check Love Triangle
    • gotham style lyrics / gotham style song / gotham style video / gotmen stiol song / oppa batman style lyrics – check Oppa Gotham Style
    • batman motorcycle helmet ears / batman motorcycle patches / cat ear helmet / helmet batman / how to make a batman cardboard motorcycle / large batman motorcycle patch / superman motorcycle helmet – not sure about the Superman helmet, but try The Hard Way
    • flash superman / flash superman race / superman races flash / superman vs flash / the flash race superman / who is faster superman or the flash – check Peak Human Condition
    • dc universe heroes peak human conditition batman / olympic athletes peak human condition / peak human condition – check Peak Human Condition
    • batman guitar / batman playing / batman playing guitar – check Flame Sax
    • watchmen love scene / watchmen sex / watchmen sex scene – check Batsuit Sex
    • poison ivy uma thurman kiss / “poison ivy” hypnotize – check Modern Mithridatium
    • bad superman / superman evil – check Voice of the Resistance
    • batman coffee / does batman drink coffee – check Coffee Break
    • batman love triangle / batman, superman, and wonderwoman love triangle / superman, batman, and wonderwoman love triangle – check Love Triangle
    • batman sex / sex batman – check Batsuit Sex
    • batman tan line / batman tanline logo / pale tan lines – check Bat Tan Line
    • catwoman tattoo / what does batman tattoo mean – check Power Tattoo
    • iron man knight armor / the iron dark night – check Knight in Shining Armor
    • little league justice league – check Little League
    • wonder woman / wonder woman finds out about batman – I am not sure what Wonder Woman is finding out, but the only post I have about her is Love Triangle
    • badass batman pics – I am biased, but try any post
    • batman clock / casio glow in the dark watch – check Punch Clock Hero
    • batman pun jokes / lame batman jokes – check Incredibly Lame Pun
    • batman with bat dog – check Bat-Dog
    • – it is odd that you are searching when you know my URL, but check Bullet Time
    • batsuit – I think you are looking for either this or this.
    • becoming batman blog / my journey as batman – try any post
    • classic batman cape / how to make invisibility cloak like batman – check Invisibility Cloak
    • gif sheldon cooper – check Overdrawn at the Blood Bank
    • how to build up an immunity to poison – check Modern Mithridatium
    • how would batman squat – I am pretty sure he squats like anyone else
    • i will find – I cannot help you unless you finish your sentence
    • spetsnaz batman / vladimir putin spetsnaz – check Voice of the Resistance
    • superman facebook cover – I think you are at the wrong blog
    • batman bench press picture – I could have sworn I have used a picture of this from the comics, but I cannot find it anywhere. You will have to settle for this for now.
    • batman deduction – try any of these
    • batman phoenix – check Phoenix Foundation
    • batman shadow of the bat – I used one of the covers on Rescue Team
    • batman underwear – It exists, but I do not have anything about it on the blog – yet!
    • batman vampire – check Don’t Have a Cow, Batman
    • batman’s diet – I do not know his, but here is mine
    • finn batman – check Superhero Street Fair
    • funny it – This is a stumper
    • ghost in batman 3 – I have no idea which ghost you mean, but check Ghost Detective
    • goruck tattoo – no tattoo, but check Load-Bearing Hero
    • justice league alex ross – check Dressed in Layers
    • marathon – check Marathon of Menace
    • mario cart costume – check Reverse
    • perfect man diagram – check Fifty Shades of Black
    • putting on a tuxedo – check Dressed in Layers
    • scary batman – tough call, but try Mission Creep
    • subaru impreza batman emblem – I want one!
    • superman changing – check Dressed in Layers
    • the riddler logo – check Riddle Me This
    • تقبيل باتمان – Google Translate tells me this means “Kissing Batman,” so check Love Triangle

Some other random thoughts:

  • A post a day is getting tough, I will keep it up as long as I can, but might need to reduce to posting on weekdays only.
  • Thanks to those of you who do leave comments, you are motivating me to keep writing.
  • I need ideas for Batman-related training to do. Preferably something I can knock out in a weekend. Any suggestions?

That is it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! If there is anything you would like me to cover in a future post, please let me know.


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