A Rare Flower

Rare Flower

Batman is not really known for his outdoorsiness. He tends to stick to the urban jungle of Gotham unless he is questing for a rare flower as some sort of training. I actually love camping, and there are nights were I yearn to sleep under the stars. Unfortunately, I do not get to go much due to time restraints as well as lack of shared interest by friends.

The Sierra Club recently posted about some of America’s most dangerous hiking trails. The permalink for the article says 8, and I am fairly sure I originally read about eight different locations, but the article now only contains six. They are:

I actually did Half Dome a few years ago with some friends.

Half-Dome Cables

We stayed at a cheap hotel right outside of Yosemite, drove into the park in the early morning, hiked up, stumbled back in the twilight, passed out at the hotel again and went home. Even though it was early June when we went, there was still a snowbank at the very top!

We went the first year the Parks Service introduced the permit system for the top of Half Dome and back then it was only for weekend hikers, so we avoided it by going on a weekday. Now permits are required seven days a week, and you need to apply in the off-season and they hold a lottery for them. I would love to do Half Dome again, but these restrictions make it unlikely. I definitely would like to check out the other trails on the list, though. Have any of you tried them? Do you have any recommendations? Without further input, I will probably add all five to my goals list.


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